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Food Matters Live collaborates with forward thinking organisations who share our values, innovate, educate, inspire and lead industry transformation to shape a better future for food. Meet our partners here.

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Innovation Partners

Innovation in food, that results in positive social and environmental change at macro and micro level is key to our partners’ goals.

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Impact Partners

Our partners strive to make a positive impact and transform the food and drink system at a global and local level.

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Knowledge Partners

Our partners are experts in their fields, delivering vital intelligence, data and analysis to bring tangible change to the food and drink sector.

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Charity Partner

Food Matters Live partners with dedicated, non-profit organisations who are confronting the major issues with our food system, tackling food inequality, and delivering real change.

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Partner news

Keep up to date with our partners’ new initiatives

  • Eatable Adventures: MYLKCUBATOR 2.0

    Pascual Innoventures announces 2022 Mylkcubator’s cohort to develop the milk of the future

    Today more than ever, the current global socioeconomic context highlights the present and future challenges that the agri-food industry will have to face. Among them, is being able to develop and apply sustainable and efficient food production models that allow feeding a world population that just in November already reached 8 billion people. To this end, the promotion, development, and application of new technologies complementary to the traditional sector will play a fundamental role.

    In this context, Pascual Innoventures and Eatable Adventures, aware of the need for action, have launched Mylkcubator 2.0, the second edition of this pioneering program worldwide.

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  • Qina: Strap in for 4 big changes that will impact Personalised nutrition in 2023

    New article from Qina:

    “We’ve been through a lot these past few years, but it is not the end just yet. There is no doubt that 2023 will be another challenging year to add a feather to our caps of woes, hopes, experiences, and dreams.

    In this article, we summarise 4 big changes that will impact the Personalised Nutrition industry this year which companies need to be prepared for.”

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  • Bring the joy of cooking into children’s lives with School Food Matters

    Are you a chef who is passionate about the future of the food industry? Have you got a few spare hours to help educate the food producers and chefs of the future? 

    SFM provide fully funded food education programmes that look to engage students with the journey of food from cooking and growing to selling and marketing their produce, touching on sustainability and the future of the food industry along the way. 
    Learning from people already engaged in the industry is incredibly inspiring for young people and we love to offer students the opportunity to experience a cooking session with a real chef and the chance to chat to them about their career path. If you think you could offer up a half day or more to visit a London school, we’d love to hear from you. 
    Please contact for further details. 

  • Qina: Personalised nutrition trends to watch in 2023

    No one would argue that 2022 has not been a challenging and testing year. Despite difficult economic times, consumer interest in prioritising their health and wellbeing remains high. 

    For the Personalised nutrition industry, events this year has meant that the market has shifted in unpredictable but positive ways. 

    In this short report, Qina outline the trends that will shape and impact the industry in 2023.

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  • Qina: Leveraging natural language processing to build better solutions

    In a post pandemic world, the market has changed for good, nobody will dispute that.

    With rapidly advancing technologies, scientific discoveries of the power of food on our health, and shifting consumer behaviours, it simply cannot be business as usual. Yet food, ingredient and nutrition brands still hold the view that doing market research the traditional way will meet today’s consumer demands who are sophisticated, tech-savvy, health-conscious and incredibly vocal. The time has come to shift gears and adopt a more robust, agile, comprehensive analytics strategy to identify market-making trends and act on them quickly and efficiently by leveraging new technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning.

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The future of food means that food systems enhance food and nutrition security for all, are economically sustainable, are inclusive and have a positive impact on climate and the environment.

Dr Franceso Braca, Director of the Dept of Nutrition and Food Safety World Health Organisation