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Our amino acid analysis service

Amino acid analysis will enable you to determine the amino acid composition and total protein content of individual amino acids, and  protein-containing raw materials and products.

At AltaBioscience, we are able to quantify accurately all 20 natural amino acids and also up to 40 non-standard amino acids e.g., taurine, hydroxyproline, in a wide range of sample types, including samples from GMP processes.

We offer two types of analysis:

– Total amino acid analysis, which quantifies the amino acids bound within proteins along with those present as individual unbound units.

– Free amino acid analysis, which determines the amount of each amino acid not bound to a protein.

Our amino acid analysis service is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to give you full confidence in the results obtained.


  • No pure samples required.
  • Fast turnaround, with an optional Express Service when results are required urgently.
  • Robust and superior post-column detection method, preventing false high readings due to other non-proteinogenic nitrogen.
  • Testing to European Pharmacopeia 2.2.56 available.
  • Results are provided in a clear and easy-to-understand format.
  • Professional assistance throughout the whole project as well as possible method development to suit your specific requirements.
  • High technical expertise: we have been receiving samples from food, feed and nutraceutical organisations, large and small across the globe for almost 50 years!


About AltaBioscience

Recognised worldwide as a leading manufacturing and analytical testing laboratory, AltaBioscience based in the UK, have provided analytical testing for almost 50 years providing a wealth of expertise for our customers from food industries, pharma organisations through to clinical and research scientists. Our laboratories also offer custom syntheses of DNA primers, peptides and both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

AltaBioscience – Advancing science in the life and food science sectors worldwide.

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