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About us

About us

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Our aim is simple – to be part of the drive towards a better food future. In our view it’s a future defined by nutritious and healthy food, available for all, and produced sustainably.  It sounds like it should be straightforward enough doesn’t it? But as we know, our food system is extremely complicated, and time is not on our side.

We have some idea about how change can come about, and how impactful that can be, having started our own journey back in 2014 with our first Food Matters Live event at London’s ExCel. In that time, we’ve been host to thousands of innovative organisations and individuals; making connections, learning from each other – all making a difference. 

And ten years on, we’re still proud to be connecting people working in food innovation, sustainability, nutrition and health, across our portfolio of live events. We’re especially pleased to be hosting a new event in Dublin later this year, reflecting Ireland’s innovative and ambitious agri-food sector. And we will announcing further new events for 2025 elsewhere in Europe soon.

Whether you’re already a part of our community or you’re discovering us for the first time, we hope you find what we do engaging, inspiring and helpful to your own journey.

David Wood, Chairman

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