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About us

About us

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Our aim is simple but ambitious – to inspire a better future for food by stimulating industry innovation, technology and people. Although that’s a tall order, we know we can be a catalyst for making change happen.

Part of the proof is that Food Matters Live continues to be an ever-growing community of people from all over the world. Professionals who are embarked on the same journey towards a future defined by sustainable food production, and optimum nutrition and health for everyone.

We provide high quality information, learning and connections through live and digital events, podcasts, videos, written features and articles, masterclasses and trends panels, together with a suite of newsletters

We focus on innovationtechnology and people – and the connections between them which are reflected through our core content themes.

And whilst the challenge of delivering sustainable food systems and nutritious food for everyone is enormous, we’re acutely aware that food and drink are part of who we are. At their best, they bind families and societies, and give us identity, purpose, and joy. Food is necessary for the soul, and we celebrate it enthusiastically.

Of course, people are the key to a sustainable food future, so naturally people take centre stage in everything we do. From helping to guide aspiring young people into stimulating careers in food – to championing the innovators helping make change happen, we highlight people with insight, ideas and passion.

Whether you’re already a part of our community or you’re discovering us for the first time, we hope you find what we do engaging and inspiring.

David Wood, Chairman

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