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Trends panel: functional foods in 2023

Food Matters Live trend insights
Thursday 15 December 2022 | 14:30 – 16:00 GMT | Complimentary (booking fee applies)

With Panellists: Laura Swain, Rob Hobson and Michael Stone

Sponsored by AltaBioscience

running on food

What is critical to success in the functional foods market?

Functional food is arguably the food of the future. In the wake of a global pandemic and as food tech evolves, engagement with and demand for functional foods has never been greater. As consumers increasingly connect food with health and wellbeing, what will they be looking for in 2023 and beyond?

This dynamic and informative trends panel will analyse the growing demand for foods with enhanced nutritional properties and the opportunity this represents for the industry. Panellists will drill down into the categories seeing the most growth and examine the critical success factors for businesses operating in this space.

Book today to equip yourself with the most up to date market insight and consumer data. Benefit from the insights of our expert panel and get your questions answered in the extended Q and A session to really galvanise your business in this exciting sector.

Benefits of attending:

Gain the very latest market information on consumer trends in functional foods

Identify where the most significant growth is taking place and where the greatest opportunities lie

Understand what consumers are looking for in functional foods

Make your voice heard and ask your questions of our expert panel


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Trends panel: functional foods in 2023

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