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On a mission to eliminate food waste and reduce the use of plastics.

Bio2Coat is a Spanish start-up founded in December 2020 with the mission of eliminating food waste and reducing the use of plastics. We have a B2B model where we produce and sell edible coatings tailored to extend the shelf-life of perishable foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables.

Our edible coating is made only with authorised food ingredients and has no additives in the formula. The finished product is a pasteurised liquid solution, packaged in IBC containers of multiple sizes. Application is done directly by the customers through spraying, drenching or immersion. Once the solution is applied over fruits or vegetables, it creates a semi-permeable barrier that controls respiration rate, reduces weight loss, and minimises micro-contamination, de-accelerating the maturation process and keeping the product fresh for longer. In addition, our formulation can be easily converted into a rigid packaging, a plastic film or an edible packaging. Our product is fully compostable even under household conditions.

Since the foundation, we have done extensive lab and field trials across several fruits and vegetables in collaboration with major producers in Spain. We have also designed and manufactured a semi-industrial plant, which is ready to be installed.

At the moment we are doing customer validation with two major producers in Spain and one of the largest food retail chains in Europe, who are interested in adopting our technology as soon as we kick-off production. Validation also on going with one of the top exporters of tropical fruits in Brazil.

Our technology has been patented in all geographies we plan to operate and our brand is trademarked.