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Dacsa Group

Ingredient innovator


    Dacsa Group: The Official Plant-Based Lead Partner for June 2021

    Dacsa Group is a Food Ingredients industrial group across three business areas: Rice Milling, Corn Milling and Food Solutions.

    With ten production plants in seven different locations across Europe (Spain, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom) and more than 500 employees.

    Dacsa Group is the leading dry corn milling company in Europe in all its sectors: breakfast cereals, snacks and the brewery industry and it is a distinguished rice producer in Spain and Portugal with recognized rice brands.

    Dacsa Group aims to become the partner of choice for its customers by bringing added value solutions to the Food Ingredients market.


    Calling all plant-based start-up brands!

    Acareli Ciscar, CEO, Dacsa Group would like to invite plat-based start-up brands to their exclusive webcast “Key factors to succeed in the plant-based revolution” on 30/06 at 12:30 p.m.:

    Register here we are providing discount codes for start-ups (please email


    Dacsa Group offers their expertise to plant-based start-up brands by providing:

    • support with the choice of raw materials, technology, formulation and testing,
    • an integrated service for the development process of new products and ingredients,
    • end-to-end control over the supply chain and solutions tailored to market demands, e.g. textured pea protein as an ingredient,
    • the development or co-manufacturing of end products alongside their customers,
    • meeting the needs of anyone willing to tap the plant-based opportunity
    • Learn from Dacsa Group’s experience with shaping value-added solutions and technologies in co-operation with culinary centres, reputed chefs, universities and to validate their developments with end consumers.


    Plus, discover more about Dacsa Group here.