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Company profile

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Food tech innovator


Alalunga (Santander Food Trading), a company based in Santander, Spain, and owned and operated by two brothers: Alvaro and Pablo Huidobro. For the past four years the brothers have devoted themselves entirely to the production of canned fish (European hake, cuttlefish, albacore and mackerel). All artisanal production. This family project, is forged from a passion for gastronomy and the determination to offer the world the benefits of canned fish delicacies from the Cantabrian Sea. The fish are preserved and captured using sustainable fishing techniques then combined with the highest quality natural ingredients to delight their demanding clients. Alalunga provides the following advantages, among others: Traceability: individually hand – crafted, numbered cans; limited production; low temperature cooking to preserve all the organoleptic properties of the fish.

Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain

Areas of interest:

  • Sustainable food production / systems
  • Future food and nutrition

Interested in meeting:

  • Food tech innovators and investors