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Avena Foods Limited

Ingredient innovator


Avena Foods Limited is a specialty miller of sustainably grown, certified gluten-free oat and pulse ingredients, supplying food, beverage, nutraceutical and petfood manufacturers throughout the world from three facilities across the Canadian Plains.

Avena provides nutritious, affordable and functional plant-based ingredients solutions by working in partnership with food and beverage manufacturers to develop new products or rework existing product formulations. Innovative ingredients are non-GMO and available both conventional and certified-organic (COS).

Best Food Ingredients include pulse flours and grits, cracked pulses, oat hull fiber, pea hull fibers and egg replacers and are nutrient dense options to eggs, dairy and meat. Examples of finished products: extruded puffed snacks, baked goods, hybrid and meat-alternatives.

Avena Purity Protocol ensures pure oat ingredients for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or wheat allergies. Certified Gluten-Free, guaranteed <5 parts per million gluten, free of labelled allergens. Examples of finished products:  dairy alternative drinks and desserts, oatmeal, granola, oat-based bars and snacks, baked goods.

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