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Company profile

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Babylon Micro-Farms

Food tech innovator


A Babylon Micro-Farm™ delivers a simple, yet engaging indoor growing experience. Babylon® helps senior living communities, resorts, hospitals, schools, and hospitality companies showcase their commitment to providing fresh, nutritious produce and sustainability to their residents, employees, and customers. They have designed a complete on-site farming service that makes growing simple for anyone, thanks to their plug-and-play Micro-Farms and Guided Growing App. Babylon offers the most affordable, efficient, and advanced vertical farming platform available, remotely managed through the cloud with unparalleled customer service. Since their humble beginnings as a social entrepreneur student project, Babylon has attracted investors from Silicon Valley, been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to support their research, patented a groundbreaking technology, and received recognition by Virginia’s Governor for their contribution as a technology innovator following their successful application for funding from the Center for Innovative Technology.

Babylon have designed a software platform to reclaim the decentralized food system of the 21st Century – using modular vertical farms that enables anyone to grow local produce on-site, all year round, indoors. They launched their first products focusing on the health care and senior living markets where our vertical farms provide access to food-as-medicine quality food and a variety of therapeutic activities.

Babylon began with the idea of growing food where it was never thought possible. Founders Alexander Olesen and Graham Smith met at the University of Virginia where they first designed a low-cost Micro-Farm™ to provide nutritious produce for food-insecure refugees.

Their goal was to bring the benefits of sustainable hydroponic farming to anyone who needed it. As a result, they developed technology that would automate the complex aspects of indoor farming by simplifying crop production and making it accessible to anyone.

Babylon’s all-in-one indoor farming experience makes farming easy and fun for anyone. With a blend of subscription services, advanced tech, and innovative farming equipment, you’ll harvest nutrient-dense produce every week no matter your level of farming skill.

Areas of interest:

  • Agtech
  • Sustainable food production / systems
  • Future food and nutrition

Interested in meeting:

  • Food tech innovators and investors