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Company profile

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Food tech innovator


BrioAgro is a smart irrigation company, using innovative technology that allows crops to be irrigated just when they need it. In this way, it achieves water savings of between 20% and 50%, depending on the type of crop and soil. This responsible irrigation also allows for a reduction in energy costs for pumping irrigation, fertilisers and phytosanitary products. First prize by the UE, EIT Food initiative as the startup that can best help solve the challenge of water scarcity in Southern UE. A few days ago it was awarded by the FAO and the ITU, in Digital Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture: “Agricultural innovation systems and sustainable agriculture”.

Spain – Country Delegation. ICEX -Invest in Spain

Areas of interest:

  • Agtech
  • Sustainable food production / systems

Interested in meeting:

  • Food tech innovators and investors