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Unlocking the potential of bio fabrication in order to provide the technology that will allow science to advance.

CULTZYME specialises in the development of multi-purpose smart bioreactors. We make bio-manufacturing processes simpler and more efficient, our technology allows us to automate and optimise every process running in our bioreactors in real time. No more pipettes, external supplies or need for high CAPEX costs.

CULTZYME understands how tedious conventional bioreactor technologies are and that is why our systems have been developed with the end user in mind and we compact the technology in a unique way.

Our mission is to democratise biofabrication technologies in the same way that has happened in computer technology. Bioreactors today are like computers in the 70’s, devices that require specific personnel to operate, large investment to acquire and today we see how even though the technology has advanced exponentially it is more accessible in all senses. It is along these same lines that CULTZYME is focusing its efforts to revolutionise the industry and unlock the potential of biofabrication in order to provide the technology that will allow science to advance at an unprecedented level.