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Company profile

EverGrain Logo


Ingredient innovator

Website: evergrainingredients.com

    EverGrain brings delicious, nutritious, plant-based applications to life with high quality barley ingredients, created with the most sustainable practices.

    At EverGrain, the journey began when we asked a simple question: “Can we utilise all of the nutrients in saved barley for the good of the planet and everyone on it, both now and in the future?”

    Finding an answer to this question was long and difficult. We were lucky to find many helping hands along the way.

    Together, we uncovered barley’s hidden nutritional value, helping us to set an ambitious mission to create incredible ingredients that nourish the world through the transformative power of circularity.

    This can be done without one acre of additional land. We only use what we already have, naturally.

    This is just the beginning. The start of a future that realises the potential in everything and everyone.