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Company profile



Ingredient innovator


BART is manufacturer of functional and health ingredients. We specialise in 3 categories of raw materials: vitamins, flavours and colouring foodstuff. Our headquarter is located very close to Warsaw , and the other 2 production plants are based in Poland, too.

Vitamins – we specialize in liposomal vitamins & minerals in powder forms. Our aim is to deliver highly bio-available vitamins in a convenient powder forms.

Flavours – we are a creator and manufacturer of flavours in different forms: powder, liquids and oil based. We are focus on delivering tailor-made tastes for different applications: chewing tablets, powder mixes, effervescent tabs, protein mixes etc.

Colouring foodstuff – that is a range of colours and colouring food which is widely deliver to both: food and nutraceutical sector. Based on the Polish concentrates as: red beet, orange carrot and more we produce powder forms of fruits & vegetables for making a healthy, colouring material for Your application.