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Leading the way in the food industry with innovative bioprinting technology.

At Cocuus, we are leading the way in the food industry with our innovative bioprinting technology.
Our focus is on two key areas:
– creating high quality vegan products and,
– restructuring animal proteins to reduce food waste, upcycle side streams and promote sustainability.

This is the result of a unique combination of technology and scientific expertise.
We have developed plant-based foods that are similar in taste, texture and appearance to traditional products.
This has enabled us to meet the growing demand from consumers who are looking for healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

In addition, we have found an innovative solution to upcycle side streams for meat industry.
By harnessing off cuts and using our bioprinting technology, we have created restructured meat cuts with clean, high-quality ingredients.
This helps minimise the environmental impact associated with meat production.

Expanding production capacity will allow us to take our products globally and to serve a wider audience.
In addition, we are establishing strategic alliances with key partners in the food industry to ensure effective distribution and maximise our impact.

At Cocuus, our commitment to innovation and sustainability is unwavering.
We are determined to lead the shift towards a more responsible food industry and to provide solutions that meet the needs of conscious consumers.
Together, let´s achieve a future where healthy and sustainable food is accessible to all.