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Company profile

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Ingredient innovator


Azelis does much more than move goods. We move markets forward. Breaking new ground in our technical laboratories by combining ingredients with ideas and creating opportunities through innovation.

Innovation through Formulation is not just our strapline. It is our purpose, passion and promise to every colleague, customer and partner around the world. It is a reminder that ideas and expertise can change lives. That a world of discoveries still awaits. And that with open and collaborative minds, the future is ours to imagine.

Taking action together: Sustainable behaviours and solutions are vital. For the health of our planet and society, together we will continue to build a resilient, thriving, and responsible business. We will meet the needs of our stakeholders, whilst also creating a positive and widespread impact on the environment and communities around the world. Future generations need sustainable action now.

Through ‘Action 2025’, our sustainability strategy, we want to become the world-leading distributor of sustainable solutions and services in the distribution industry. It is our vision to fulfil our role as a speciality food ingredients service provider by empowering the sustainability aspirations of our principals and customers into innovative sustainable solutions.