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A tape measure, stethoscope and vegetables representing the link between disease and nutrition
26-07-233 min read

The link between nutrition, health, cognition and the gut microbiome

People research plants with tablet in greenhouse farm, Sustainable
25-07-232 min read

Tesco and Harper Adams University launch Future Farmer Programme to help farmers adopt sustainable agriculture practices

Male cook looking at tablet in commercial kitchen space with vegetables on table Sustainable
21-07-233 min read

Dynamify and Klimato team up to launch digital carbon labelling system for UK catering sector

Food for thought: 5 eye-opening books on sustainable food reform
20-07-234 min read

Food for thought: 5 eye-opening books on sustainable food reform

Baby boy drinking milk in the morning on blue blanket
20-07-232 min read

Arla Foods Ingredients and H&H Group to research impact of infant nutrition on brain development with APC Microbiome Ireland

woman walking through a maze
20-07-2312 min read

How nutrition can support women through the perimenopause and menopause

Scenic misty morning in a cornfield
19-07-232 min read

IngredientWerks develops molecular farming technology that grows beef protein in corn

Farmer dried coffee beans on white cloth with sunlight shining Sustainable
18-07-234 min read

Oritain secures $57M to scale platform which verifies the origins of food and drink products

illustration of woman's head with women inside it
17-07-232 min read

Welcome from the editor: girl talk

close up of selection of white truffles with one cut in half, on white background
17-07-232 min read

MycoTechnology discovers natural sweetener derived from rare honey truffle

14-07-236 min read

Going on a multisensory journey with Beneo

Grilled vegan seitan steaks with mixed vegetables and crusty baguette
14-07-2310 min read

Is the demise of the plant-based meat sector as hyped as its launch?

selection of food in packaging covered with with thin transparent film on wooden table Sustainable
13-07-232 min read

Melodea launches sustainable coating to increase recyclability of plastic food packaging

workers in the city with skyscrapers
13-07-232 min read

Welcome from the editor: business as usual

sandwich made with a vegan steak Sustainable
13-07-236 min read

6 plant-based trends and innovations we’ve seen so far in 2023

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