The challenge of creating a circular food system

Waste is a huge concern for the food industry. According to a 2022 UN report, 17% of global food production is wasted.

And it will continue to be if the industry continues as it is.

Recognising this, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is leading the new Big Food Redesign Challenge with the aim of bringing together producers, suppliers and retailers in embracing a circular food system.

The challenge, launched in partnership with the Sustainable Food Trust, has tasked participants with designing new food products that reflect this regenerative vision.

And with the system still far from being sustainable, the hope is that the Big Food Redesign Challenge will act as a catalyst for necessary change.

So, how will the challenge work to inspire this change? Who is taking part? And how do we keep the momentum be kept going once the challenge ends?

Rebecca Hesketh, Food Programme Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Rebecca Hesketh leads the food initiative at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, working to stimulate a global shift towards a regenerative food system based on the principles of a circular economy.

Previously, Rebecca worked in the agricultural sector and within food supply chains, including at the UK retailer Waitrose, where she held the position of ethics and sustainability manager for fresh produce.

Don't throw it away. Mulch it! The concept of mulching or composting depicted by veggie scraps and egg shells dissolving away into soil.

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The challenge of creating a circular food system