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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

How can we create the circular food economy?

What is the circular economy? How would a food system built around it work? How would it help us meet the challenge of producing more food for a growing population in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way?

This podcast will explore how the Advance London programme is working with start ups and innovative food businesses on the nexus between circular economy, innovation and food and how London, as one of three Flagship Cities selected by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is bringing to life the vision laid out in the Cities and Circular Economy for Food report.

With consumers asking more and more for sustainable products in order to make positive changes, and with business able to benefit from cost reductions of wasting less food, could now be the perfect time to focus on creating the circular economy for food?

Joining host Stefan Gates for this fascinating look at how it could work is Jean Billant, Senior Business Advisor at the Advance London programme of the London Waste and Recycling Board.

About Jean Billant, Senior Business Advisor, Advance London, London Waste and Recycling Board

Jean is Senior Business Advisor at the Advance London programme of the London Waste and Recycling Board, delivering circular economy focused support and advice to companies within London to help them scale-up existing circular economy operations or transition to more circular business operating models. Jean is leading Advance London’s work on the food and drink sector.

Jean delivers circular economy focused business support and advice to SMEs within London. Prior to this, he advised SMEs and manufacturing enterprises to design market-ready solutions around waste to energy, decentralised energy production and bio-based materials. His sound knowledge on technical related issues combined with business and financial skills give him a unique perspective on the development of innovative and low carbon business solutions.

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