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Cultivated meat - beef steak with American flag superimposed over it
Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

Cultivated meat: World watches after American approval

Cultivated meat is something many of us are yet to experience. But for US consumers, it will soon become a reality. 

In June this year, the Department of Agriculture approved the sale of lab grown meat, allowing two Californian companies to offer “cultivated chicken” to US consumers.

This makes the US just the second country, after Singapore, to clear the sale of these products.

With the US being such a huge market, plenty of people will be watching to see what impact the decision has on the wider industry.

But cultivated meat is still controversial. We recently made an episode about the Italian government’s intention to ban the products.

So, just how much of an impact will this decision have on the future of cultivated meat?

Mathilde Alexandre, Corporate and Institutional Engagement Manager, ProVeg

Ricardo San Martin, Director and Co-founder, the Alt:Meat Lab, University of California Berkeley

Stefano Lattanzi, CEO, Brunocell

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