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Eat Just starts construction of the largest alt-protein production facility in Singapore

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
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Image courtesy of Eat Just

San-Francisco-based company Eat Just is in the process of constructing a new 2.7 hectare space in Pioneer region of Singapore for the production of meat alternative products, including their plant-based egg made from mung bean, and cultivated meat.

The space is said to be the biggest site dedicated to the production of alternative proteins to be built in Singapore.

It is estimated that the facility will take approximately two years to build and will cost around $120M to complete.

The construction, as well as the day-to-day operations within the production plant, will be led by a group from Proterra Investment Partners Asia and Eat Just.

The company has already built two other similarly-sized manufacturing sites in Germany and the US.

CEO and founder of Eat Just, Josh Tetrick said: “Whether because of food security, climate change, or personal health, innovative approaches to making animal protein to feed our families are necessary in the decades ahead. And Singapore has firmly established itself as the leader in attracting and accelerating these new approaches.”

A ceremony which announced the construction of a new facility was held on 17 March 2022.

According to The Straits Times, at the event, Low Yen Ling, the Minister of State for Trade and Industry commented: “This will be a big boost to our local production thrust, which will complement our stockpiling and also our diversified import strategy.”

The construction of the Eat Just production site comes at a time when the country is aiming to reach a target of growing 30% of its essential foods locally by 2030 in a new scheme called ’30 by 30′.

The company’s decision to choose Singapore as a location for their new production site is not surprising given the country was the first in the world to approve the sale of cultivated meats in 2020, and has become a leader in developing the alt-protein market ever since.

Eat Just’s cultured chicken meat is currently sold in Singapore’s 1880 restaurant.


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