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illustration of magician hiding himself with a magic trick, surreal illusion abstract concept
24-03-23 / 2 min read

Welcome from the editor: in the background

UK Prime Minister talking with colleagues in cabinet meeting, all sat on long green table
24-03-23 / 5 min read

Gene editing act passed into law in England

Varieties of raw white, red and purple potatoes in paper bags on white wooden background
23-03-23 / 2 min read

Israeli start-up PoLoPo secures $1.75M to grow egg protein using potatoes

concept of a head full of nutritious foods
23-03-23 / 9 min read

How nutrition can support mental health: what to eat, what to avoid, and the truth about good mood food

Women and man standing in laboratory smelling liquids from small glasses
22-03-23 / 3 min read

IFF expands Europe Innovation Hub with two new flavour labs

Zaandijk With River Zaan In Netherlands
22-03-23 / 2 min read

AAK opens Innovation Center of Excellence to develop plant-based foods and ingredients

Cultured chicken
21-03-23 / 3 min read

GOOD Meat, Eat Just’s cultured meat division, receives ‘No Question’ letter from FDA

Young female working in field looking at soil sample
21-03-23 / 8 min read

Your complete guide to food sustainability courses

Female scientis looking at laptop inside laboratory
21-03-23 / 7 min read

The ultimate guide to food innovation courses in the UK

Ta'izz market in Yemen
21-03-23 / 2 min read

Scientists develop food insecurity forecasting tool for high risk countries

plant-based salmon and asparagus
21-03-23 / 4 min read

EIT Food announces 20 agrifood start-ups winners of the Marketed Innovation Prize

View of Dubai
20-03-23 / 3 min read

Middle East’s first fully plant-based meat factory opens in Dubai

cooking utensils
17-03-23 / 2 min read

Welcome from the editor: it starts in the kitchen

young campaigners standing in front of grey building with yellow banner
17-03-23 / 2 min read

Students at Queen Mary University of London vote for fully plant-based catering

Sperm and Egg 3D Illustration
16-03-23 / 10 min read

Reproductive health: the beneficial role of nutrition in men and women’s fertility

Tastes of Better
16-03-23 / 8 min read

A ‘phenomenal’ start to Tastes of Better

Male worker using digital tablet in brewery. Full length of professional in formals is working amidst metallic vats
16-03-23 / 3 min read

Precision fermentation start-ups found Food Fermentation Europe alliance

Aerial view of Norwich Cathedral located in Norwich, Norfolk, UK
16-03-23 / 3 min read

Norwich City Council votes to increase plant-based catering offerings at meetings and events

Young female looking around on a street with glass buildings holding piece of paper
16-03-23 / 8 min read

Choosing a course for a career in food

Tim Spector
16-03-23 / 3 min read

Dragons’ Den’s Steven Bartlett invests £2M in Tim Spector’s personalised nutrition company ZOE

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