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The Food Matters Live Podcast

The Food Matters Live Podcast connects thousands of industry professionals with the key change-makers in food, drink and nutrition. From the latest international research, to policy and regulation, the industry’s big thinkers, and the most pressing stories of the day, we’ve got it covered.

Current series

The Big Interviews

Insightful discussions with leading figures in the food sector. Getting under the surface to discover what motivates and inspires them, and looking at their work to see how it’s shaping the future of food.

Career Conversations

Meet experts in cooking, mixology, the environment, psychology, branding, social media and more. Join Elisa Roche on her journey learning about the surprisingly varied roles within the food industry that go way beyond the kitchen.

From the archive

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Listeners have joined the Food Matters Live Podcast since its launch in 2019, with over 7,000 new listeners joining each month.


Countries are represented in our audience, from the UK to the US, Europe and Asia for a truly global reach


Episodes featuring everything from plant-based innovation to how we can conquer sustainability challenges

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