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Algae seaweed in water Sustainable
11-08-232 min read

Sea & Flour awarded patent for technology which processes seaweed for use in bread

Deep fried pork Sustainable
11-08-232 min read

Chinese cultivated meat company CellX opens pilot plant and plans to apply for regulatory approval in Singapore and US

yeast alternative development stages into palm oil alternative, substances in botles and petri dish Sustainable
08-08-233 min read

Clean Food Group announces partnership with Alianza Team to accelerate development of sustainable lipids

City of Neom in Saudi Arabia being built Sustainable
07-08-233 min read

Saudi Arabia to build 110,000 square meters horticulture area to ensure food security in the country

person grilling cultivated beef steak Sustainable
04-08-234 min read

Aleph Farms applies for approval to sell its cultivated beef in the UK

Penny supermarket in Berlin, Germany Sustainable
01-08-233 min read

German supermarket PENNY launches ‘true cost’ trial to show impact of food products on climate and health

Abstract image depicts King Abdullah Financial District located in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Sustainable
31-07-232 min read

Saudi Arabia signs deals to boost local plant-based food production

Cuts of steak on plate with green sauce and vegetables, on white table with pink glasses and green decoration, grey wall Sustainable
26-07-233 min read

First-ever regulatory approval application for sale of cultivated meat in Europe made by Aleph Farms

Variety of dairy products on blue background Sustainable
26-07-233 min read

Tetra Pak sets up Dairy Processing Task Force to tackle emissions in dairy production

People research plants with tablet in greenhouse farm, Sustainable
25-07-232 min read

Tesco and Harper Adams University launch Future Farmer Programme to help farmers adopt sustainable agriculture practices

Male cook looking at tablet in commercial kitchen space with vegetables on table Sustainable
21-07-233 min read

Dynamify and Klimato team up to launch digital carbon labelling system for UK catering sector

Farmer dried coffee beans on white cloth with sunlight shining Sustainable
18-07-234 min read

Oritain secures $57M to scale platform which verifies the origins of food and drink products

selection of food in packaging covered with with thin transparent film on wooden table Sustainable
13-07-232 min read

Melodea launches sustainable coating to increase recyclability of plastic food packaging

sandwich made with a vegan steak Sustainable
13-07-236 min read

6 plant-based trends and innovations we’ve seen so far in 2023

person placing carton package in a yellow recycling bin, trees in background Sustainable
11-07-234 min read

Is sustainable food and drink being outflanked by competing priorities?

Man wearing glasses and a time smiling Sustainable
10-07-233 min read

The University of Nottingham launches the Food Systems Institute to study and improve the food landscape

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