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Clean Food Group announces partnership with Alianza Team to accelerate development of sustainable lipids

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
yeast alternative development stages into palm oil alternative, substances in botles and petri dish

Image credits: Laurie Lapworth, University of Bath

British bio-tech company Clean Food Group has confirmed a new strategic collaboration with Alianza Team, a Latin American food production and lipid-based technology specialist which develops solutions for the fats, nutrition, and frozen bakery sectors.

Both companies will work together to create more sustainable, functional and cost competitive oils and fats for food manufacturers that can replace commonly used ingredients that are produced using agriculturally intensive practices.

Clean Food Group says the long-term alliance will help it move closer to commercialising its cultivated yeast-based palm oil alternative.

Alianza Team is also investing in the business’s Pre-Series A funding round as part of the collaboration. The round is expected to close later this month, with the capital raised going towards scaling Clean Food Group’s technology platform and helping it secure regulatory approval for its products.

Clean Food Group co-founder and CEO Alex Neves said in a statement: “We are delighted to be sharing the news of this investment and collaboration with Alianza Team today. The investment is further validation of Clean Food Group’s technology platform and is a key component in enabling the company to proceed to a successful close of our current funding round. The strategic collaboration with Alianza Team will drive forward our commercialisation strategy and support our objective to bring sustainable oils and fats on to the market, at commercial scale, within the next three years.” 

Luis Botero, President and CEO at Alianza Team added: “Alianza Team is committed to creating a new future of healthy and sustainable food choices for our customers. We are excited to be investing in and collaborating with Clean Food Group, an organisation where we believe our shared core values of innovation and sustainability will deliver healthier, more nutritional foods to improve our food systems for future generations.” 

Clean Food Group’s technology has taken eight years to develop, with Professor Chris Chuck, the company’s Technical Lead, steering the research. The proprietary technology platform uses fermentation to create a range of ingredients like fats, proteins and flavours for the food and cosmetic industry. The business obtained intellectual property to create a yeast-based palm oil substitute from University of Bath at the beginning of 2022.

The company expects to complete its Series A round in 2024. It also hopes to have validated the technology at a commercial scale by this point, and to have a clearer idea about its near-term revenue generation. The funds raised from the Series A will be used to help Clean Food Group build out of a commercial scale manufacturing facility.


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