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Sustainable Food Digest, launching June 2023

Explore the big issues facing the food and drink industry and the future of our planet

Our upcoming digest will examine the sustainability challenges facing the food industry and spotlight the people, organisations and technology at the forefront of a green revolution. Featuring key players such as the World Wildlife Fund and World Resources Institute, explore how we can reform the food system for the health of humans and the planet.

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Explore sustainable innovation

From regenerative farming schemes to up-cycled fashion brands, meet the people, organisations and technology leading the green revolution

Access expert insights and analysis

Receive expert opinion and analysis from the likes of the World Wildlife Fund, World Resources Institute, Henry Dimbleby, Jonathon Porritt and the Plant-Based Food Alliance

Glimpse tomorrow’s solutions

Discover the next generation of sustainable formulation and packaging solutions

Be a part of the solution

Learn how you can get involved during our Sustainable Food Week, taking place between 18 – 24 September 2023

Our food system is broken

Globally, agriculture and land use are responsible for almost 60% of biodiversity loss and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Parallel to this, meat and dairy production alone use 83% of the worlds agricultural land, whilst 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are down to food waste.

Feeding the planet shouldn’t cost the planet, but currently, that’s the price we pay.

If we act now, we can find ways to ensure food security without accelerating climate change, degrading soil health and undermining biodiversity – but the clock is ticking. Already, there is exciting innovation underway across the industry, however we can’t get complacent.

Be a part of the solution

Framed around our key topic, Impact, the upcoming Sustainable Food Digest will spotlight the people, companies and technology bringing about a sustainable food future.

Featuring exclusive content from green thought leaders, Food Matters Live is leading the conversation on a sustainable food future to stimulate innovation and ignite change in the industry.

Together, we can achieve a sustainable food system and provide healthy, affordable food for everyone. 

Connecting people, technology and research to help reform the global food system

The Sustainable Food Digest is a companion piece to our upcoming live event, the Sustainable Food Forum. Hosted by Seyi Rhodes and Samira Ahmed, with backing from the WWF and our international partner, ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, the event will explore challenges to a sustainable food future, spotlight green innovation and layout a roadmap for the industry going forward. The future of sustainability starts here.

Inform. Inspire. Engage.

Brand content opportunities

Demonstrate a commitment to green development 

57% of consumers say their perception of a brand is influenced by its sustainability practices. Cement your green credentials and nurture brand advocacy amongst conscious consumers. 

Identify challenges and inspire change 

Bring attention to the challenges facing the industry and encourage action from key stakeholders with a thought-leadership feature. Your insights could help drive future change. 

Showcase innovation 

Publicise your green innovations and position your company as an industry leader. A feature in our ingredient showcase places you at the forefront of innovation.

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