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Our masterclasses are brought to you by leading industry experts who share the most prominent and relevant insights your brand needs to prosper in today’s unique and competitive environment. Designed to give you an intimate and competitive understanding, discover which masterclasses will propel your brand to reach new heights.

The value of our Masterclasses

Masterclass structure



Our Masterclasses present attendees with the latest industry insights and unique expert experiences which have led our speakers to achieve success. Speakers further pair these sharings with real-world examples, case studies and practical exercises.



Masterclasses are designed for attendees to expand their knowledge and enhance their skill-set in order to be able to excel in their own corporate endeavours.



All of our Masterclasses are typically 3 hours in length, with a number of breaks in between.

Masterclass speakers

Our masterclass leaders are insightful and expert minds who provide you with the latest and most relevant industry insights. With a wealth of experience, the speakers provide you with the opportunity to develop the skill-set you need to propel your brand forward. Masterclass speakers often approach real-world case studies in their sessions through a thought-provoking and analytical lens in order to help you understand the best practices to be put into play. Through a friendly and open demeanour, all masterclass leaders ensure that you capitalise on the opportunity to share any questions or queries your brand may need assistance with.

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Common Masterclass themes


Copywriting not only holds great ability to successfully engage your target audience, but when not done right, likewise holds great ability to tarnish a brand and what it stands for. Our copywriting masterclasses often cover the importance of evidence-based and industry-compliant copy, and cover detail effective content strategies, brand writing guidelines and an internal quality control process.


When it comes to the health food industry, there’s a lot that can be said about the strategic direction major players often take. It’s all about communicating ethically, innovatively and staying ahead of the game by not only understanding, but predicting changing consumer trends – which is exactly what our strategy masterclasses delve into.

Social media

In today’s day and age, there’s no escaping the world of social media. In fact, with 54% of consumers using these platforms to research products and 71% of consumers recommending brands to others due to a positive social media experience – it’s silly to not take full advantage of these relevant and prominent channels.


Specific to the health food industry, many of our masterclasses cover topics about the ins and outs of branding with a focus on strategy and creativity. Branding is not an easy task, but when done right, holds a plethora of opportunities for an organisation and its stakeholders.

Masterclass testimonials

A few of our previous Masterclass testimonials:

The speakers’ genuine interest in hearing the stories of participants and willingness to offer practical tips and advice made the session a far richer learning experience than I had anticipated.

Lilijan Sulejmanovic, Founder of Bardo

The speakers were experts in the subject matter and not only spoke knowledgeably and practically but also encouraged the participants to get stuck in and use their real-world situations to explore the various techniques and models.

Ben Brangwyn, Head of Communications at GABALabs

This masterclass was insightful and thought-provoking, with all of the participant interaction very well executed. Thank you to the speaker for helping me take my next steps towards being a more inclusive leader.

Anne Walton, General Manager at Fancy Plants