Brought to you by leading industry experts, Masterclasses reveal the relevant insights and tools your brand needs to prosper in today’s unique and competitive environment.

Designed to give you tangible skills and advantageous knowledge, discover the Masterclasses that will propel your brand to reach new heights.

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Who leads the Masterclasses?

Masterclass leaders are experts in their respective fields.

With a wealth of experience, these industry leaders provide you with the opportunity to develop the skill-set you need to propel your brand forward.

Approaching real-world case studies in their sessions, through a thought-provoking and analytical lens, these Masterclasses help you to understand the best practices and how to implement them.

Each Masterclass ensures that you capitalise on the opportunity to get the right support for your business.

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What do your peers have to say?

“The speakers were experts in the subject matter and not only spoke knowledgeably and practically but also encouraged the participants to get stuck in and use their real-world situations to explore the various techniques and models.”

Ben Brangwyn, Head of Communications at GABALabs

The value of Masterclasses

Masterclass structure



Masterclass leaders present attendees with the latest industry insights and explore experiences that have led them to their success. Speakers pair this with real-world examples, case studies and practical exercises.



Masterclasses are designed for attendees to expand their knowledge and enhance their skill-set, in order to be able to utilise this knowledge to excel in their own businesses.



All Masterclasses are typically 3 hours in length, with a number of breaks in between.

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