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Nutrition insight panel: 2023 trends in active nutrition

Food Matters Live trend insights
On-demand past event | Complimentary (booking fee applies)

Panel Chair: Nick Morgan
With Panellists, Rick Miller, Luca Bucchini, Chris Martin and Rebecca Jennings

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Where is your opportunity in the Active Nutrition market?

The Active Nutrition market is projected to grow 12.3% globally between 2022-2028.

Growth is being driven by changing lifestyles, leading consumers to pursue a healthier and more active way of living.

Active nutrition products are designed to provide users with the nutrition they need in their specific life stage to fuel the physical and mental demands of their busy and active lifestyles.

Sports nutrition is a source of inspiration for Active Nutrition products.

In this panel discussion, your expert panellists will discuss the different aspects of active nutrition, from the science behind active nutrition and the nutrition that fuels performance to the key trends, growth segments and innovation opportunities.

You will…

Examine nutrition that fuels active performance

Determine the science behind active nutrition
Explore opportunities for further innovation
Know what is and isn’t active/sports nutrition
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2023 trends in active nutrition

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