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How to innovate within HFSS restrictions

Food Matters Live masterclass
On-demand past event | £30 + VAT | Virtual

with Andy Wardlaw, Susannah Croucher, Debargha Ganguly and Paul Sheldrake

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How can you harness the delay in HFSS restrictions to secure your brands future?

Although the government has pushed back some of the HFSS restrictions to January 2024, they are still coming.

Whilst they may represent enormous financial risks for manufacturers, there also exists a huge opportunity to use the regulations as a springboard for innovation through new ingredients and technologies.

This dynamic and inspiring masterclass explored how you can approach new product development in an innovative and consumer‐led way, to inspire new products and new approaches.

This practical masterclass will provide you with clear guidance on…

Learning outcomes

Understand how HFSS restrictions will impact you

Know how to use new ingredients and technologies to develop new products which reflect consumer trends and preferences – within HFSS laws

Very latest insight from consumer trends analysts, innovation, nutrition and NPD experts

Share your challenges and learn from your peers’ experiences to develop a market-leading response to HFSS

Meet your speakers

andy wardlaw

Andrew Wardlaw

Chief Ideas Officer at MMR Research Worldwide.

Andrew leads foresight and ideas at the world’s leading independent consumer and sensory research agency.   

Previously he has occupied marketing and insight roles at General Mills, Johnson & Johnson and Ella’s Kitchen.

His mission is to help brands deliver more impactful brand experiences by elevating the sensory experience of pack and product. He says “there are no bad products anymore, and so brands must unlock ‘heightened product theatre’ in their quest for customer loyalty and growth.”

Andrew is passionate about exploring new angles on established narratives, and has recently actioned new consumer research in the area of product reformulation and renovation. Be sure to talk to him today!

susannah croucher

Susannah Croucher

Chief Impact Officer for MMR Research Worldwide.

Susannah has worked for the MMR group in various roles for nearly 15 years, from leading FMCG accounts in the EMEA region, heading up the South Africa office and most recently as Managing Director for sister agency KICR Innovation, focused on providing end to end innovation consultancy to a wide range of FMCG business, big and small.  

Taking up her latest position in April 2022 and with a passion for helping clients navigate the highs and lows of consumer insight to make the right commercial decisions for their business, she will be bringing her years of industry and business leading expertise to this session and co-hosting with Andy.

dr paul sheldrake

Dr Paul Sheldrake

Dr Paul Sheldrake is the Group Application & Technical Director at the Healy Group, a leading supplier of functional food ingredients to the food market in the UK and Ireland.

He has worked for many years in the food industry across a range of food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers covering a diverse range application segments and product ranges.

In his current role he works closely with innovative food ingredient suppliers and product manufacturers helping them ‘bridge the gap’ in the application aspects of creating new and innovative products for the consumers.

Due to the nature of the Healy Group they cover nearly all the major food product application areas and thus help in many diverse products and projects.

Who should attend?

Food and drink manufacturers

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Your speakers’ profiles

Photo of Andrew Wardlaw - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Andrew Wardlaw

Chief Ideas Officer, MMR Research

Photo of Susannah Croucher - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Susannah Croucher

Chief Impact Officer, MMR Research

Photo of Paul Sheldrake - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Paul Sheldrake

Group Application & Technical Director, Healy Group