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How to make your packaging win on a shelf

Food Matters Live Masterclass
On-demand past event | £30 + VAT | Virtual

with Andrew Slade

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  4. Find the event ‘How to make your packaging win on a shelf’ and click view
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Could you be missing out on market share because of your visual identity?

Packaging is the most vital touchpoint for your brand. In this essential masterclass you can equip yourself with the crucial, in-depth knowledge needed to make your product stand out, and to create a product identity and story.

If you’re in the process of designing or rethinking your product packaging, branding consultancy founder Andrew Slade can help you define a successful packaging strategy.

You’ll understand different catalysts for a redesign, the process to expect, how to write a great brief and how to evaluate creative work to get the best out of your agency, or in-house team and ultimately, your brand.

By the end of the masterclass you will…

Understand the criteria for why brands stand out against competitors

Know how to use simple tools to help frame the creative process, define challenges and objectives and drive decision-making

Have a broad overview of a typical brand and packaging design process both in-house and through an agency

Know how to get the best out of your agency or inhouse team with briefing and evaluation techniques

Have had a practical discussion around a real-world case study

Meet your speaker

andrew slade from popp studio

Andrew Slade

Andrew is the founder and director of Popp Studio.

Andrew founded Popp Studio in 2018 with Poppy Stedman after their successful careers shaping the creative vision of the world’s most loved brands at leading brand design agencies. Since starting in the brand and design industry in 2004, their experience has taken in a broad mix of markets, categories and challenges, and a whole host of awards along the way.

During Andrew’s career he has led global redesigns for major brands including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Jacobs coffee and Special K, alongside innovative work for Stoats, Cawston Press, Onken and Grolsch. At Popp Studio, he advises a diverse mix of clients, including Desperados, Creative Nature, Fleur of England, Dishmatic and Liberation Cocktails on brand strategy, brand identity and packaging, leading a nimble team of strategists, writers, designers and production experts.

Content Overview:

Part 1: What defines a visually powerful brand?

– The recent shift in what makes a successful brand identity and how to adapt

– How we define and frame a brand that is currently market leading

Part 2: The vital touchpoint: your packaging

– Key tools for assessing packaging in a competitive context

– Defining your catalyst: challenges and objectives

Part 3: Pushing go on a redesign or brand creation 

– The stages to expect

– How to write a great brief

– Evaluating creative work

– Deep dive into a Popp Studio case study for a fast-growing food brand

Who should attend?

This masterclass is for brand owners whose packaging plays a critical role in the success of their products. They want to understand how to strengthen their existing design or ensure a new brand or range is set up to win against the competition on shelf.


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Photo of Andrew Slade - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Andrew Slade

Founder and Director, Popp Studio