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A taste of trends in free-from foods

Food Matters Live trends panel
On-demand past event | £5 + VAT | Virtual

With Chair: Jayne Noblet
With Panellists, Julianne Ponan, Robin Longden and Jacqueline Tyrrell

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How does the cost of living crisis impact the free-from market?

With the global free from market valued at 71.4 million USD and 62% of consumers avoiding at least one ingredient in their diet, there is no sign of this trend disappearing. But with the rising cost of living forcing consumers to make changes to their budgets, those who see free from as a choice rather than allergy-driven necessity are in danger of dropping away.

This dynamic and forward-focused trends panel will examine the free from market in the context of a cost of living crisis. With awareness of environmental impact and increased desire for wider health benefits driving purchasing, panellists will examine what brands are doing to capitalise on these powerful sales opportunities.

Benefit from experts’ in-depth insight into consumer decision making and understand how producers can continue to cater to allergy sufferers’ needs whilst also expanding their reach to the general population.

Benefits of attending

Gain a full understanding of the free-from market today, and how it’s predicted to change in the coming months and years in an inflationary environment

Get to grips with the challenges which brands are having to overcome and how these can be translated into business opportunities
Increase your market share through better awareness of consumer preference and their decision-making processes when it comes to free-from foods
Ask your questions to our expert panel and benefit from their combined years of experience in the sector

Meet your panel

Photo of Julianne Ponan - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Julianne Ponan

Owner, Creative Nature Superfoods

Photo of Robin Longden - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Robin Longden

CEO, Rollagranola

Photo of Jacqueline Tyrrell - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Jacqueline Tyrrell

Brand Manager, NOMO, Kinnerton Confectionery Co Ltd

Photo of Jayne Noblet - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Jayne Noblet

Founder and CEO, The Collaborators


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