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A taste of trends: immune health in 2023

On-demand past event | £5 + VAT | Virtual

Panel Chair: Philip Calder
With Panellists: Marie Lewis, Mike Hughes, Federica Amati and Emma Williams

Sponsored by AltaBioscience

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blood cells and immunity

What is driving consumers to purchase immune health products?

The global pandemic brought the conversation on immunity to the forefront of many major conversations. With this brought the increased consumption of immune health products which is set to double between 2020 to 2027 to a forecasted market value of US $28.9 million. With the trend firmly set to outlive lockdowns, what will consumers be looking for in 2023 and beyond?

This dynamic and informative trends panel will look at what is driving consumers to purchase immune health products, and how these trends may change in future years. Panellists will highlight the latest science and ingredients which have been capturing the imagination of the public, and seek to understand what immune health products and portfolios need to be aiming for to gain market share in a competitive landscape.

Join a knowledgeable cross section of speakers from a range of industries, such as academia and data analysis and equip yourself with the most up to date market insights and consumer data. There will also be an extended Q and A discussion at the end of the session.

Meet your panel

Photo of Philip Calder - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Philip Calder

Professor of Nutritional Immunology, University of Southampton

Photo of Emma Williams - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Emma Williams

European Vice President, Eat Well Global

Photo of Marie Lewis - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Marie Lewis

Associate Professor of Gut Immunology & Microbiology, University of Reading

Photo of Mike Hughes - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Mike Hughes

Head of Research and insight, FMCG Gurus

Photo of Federica Amati - Featured Speaker at Food Matters Live

Federica Amati

Research Associate, WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Education and Training, Imperial College

Benefits of attending:

Gain the very latest market information on consumer trends in immune health

Identify where the most significant growth is taking place and where the greatest opportunities lie

Understand what consumers are looking for in immune health

Make your voice heard and ask your questions of our expert panel

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A taste of trends: immune health in 2023

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