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What can we expect to see from major food hubs around the world?

3 min read

There are certain food hubs around the world that are taking great leaps in the way of innovation and sustainability. The Food Matters Live podcast regularly focuses on these hubs to explore their exciting projects. Find some highlights from the episodes below.


Could Japan be one of the leading countries in the plant-based revolution? In this episode, Stefan Gates speaks to Saaya Matsukubo, US Area Manager at Next Meats, about the existing plant-based culture in Japan and how the modern plant-based market is gaining traction in the country.


When speaking about food technology, one of the countries that keeps cropping up is Israel. It’s a country that relies heavily on self-sustaining food due to its position as a political island, and with a population set to double by 2040. That means it’s essential to look for innovative food sources outside of classic agriculture. Stefan Gates speaks to Dr Ami Appelbaum, Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board of the Israel Innovation Authority, about why Israel is central to helping shape the global food system.

The Netherlands

The Dutch have long had an enviable food production system: the Netherlands is a small country, but a huge exporter. Although this often leads to intensive farming practises, recently it has become a leader in creating a sustainable food system and is now sharing these ideas with the world. Listen as Stefan Gates meets Marjolein Brasz, Managing Director at Foodvalley.


When people think of Singapore, often the extraordinary buildings and world-leading technology spring to mind. This technology is also prominent in its food system, where startups are disrupting traditional production, from cellular meat technology to plant-based innovations. Find out why Singapore is such a fertile ground for next-gen solutions.

United Arab Emirates

With small amounts of arable land, and a climate that has little rainfall, the UAE faces significant natural challenges standing in the way of its goal to be self-reliant and a champion of food security in the Middle East. Find out how the investments being made in the UAE can be used strategically to meet its sustainability goals.


The Danish are committed to sustainability. Utilising all areas of the food system, including government, business, and academia, they are leading the way in raising the bar. Green technologies, resource efficiency, food waste, innovative business models, mainstreaming circular thinking, embedding sustainability across education, and supporting consumer behaviour change are just some of the themes they tackle. We hear from a panel of experts in this exciting episode.

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