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What mainstreaming sustainable food consumption looks like
Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

What mainstreaming sustainable food consumption looks like

Sustainability is a huge concern for the food industry, it is fair to say it has moved well beyond being a buzz word.

But to what extent do sustainability, a healthy diet and affordability matter to consumers?

It is an important question to explore, and one that throws up a whole host of additional questions.

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, recorded live at our Sustainable Food Forum event in London, we delve into those questions.

Consumer food choices are influenced by what is available, affordable and accessible.

So, how can the food industry collaborate to help consumers eat more sustainably? What is required to bring this transformation about? Where are the opportunities and who is going to make this change happen?

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Fabia Bromovsky, Strategic Advisor, Sustainable Food Trust

Fabia joined the Sustainable Food Trust to work with the team to take the Global Farm Metric to the next stage of consensus and adoption, and to Chair the GFM coalition working group. She first met Patrick Holden, SFT CEO, in 2015 when she was CEO of the Rothschild Foundation, director to the family office and board member of the Waddesdon Estate.

She was looking for answers to how a responsible land owner could ensure that their land was passed to the next generation in a better state – environmentally, economically and for greater public good. This led to Sustainable Food Trust’s work into the establishment of a common language and framework for measuring the sustainability of our land management systems.

Fabia remains a board member and trustee for a number of family offices, Non-Executive Director of Whitley Asset Management, Trustee of the Illuminated River Foundation and Director of Waddesdon Wines Limited.

Alex Smith, Founder & CEO, Alara Wholefoods

While squatting in central London, Alex disavowed the use of money for a year and then started Alara with £2 he found in the street, selling thrown away fruit and veg.

Alara has since progressed becoming the first certified organic cereal manufacturer in the world, first licensed by the Coeliac Society, first making certified Fair trade cereals and first to calculate Scope 3 CO2e adding this information to the pack.

Ann Trevenen-Jones, Lead: Food Systems Governance, GAIN

Ann Trevenen-Jones advocates for food systems transformation and is committed to realising impact through better, leveraging of multi-level governance, local data and effective multi-sector/multi-stakeholder engagement.

Where such transformations facilitate the accelerated, inclusive and sustainable advancement of prosperous livelihoods and access to diverse, affordable, safe, and healthy foods for all – especially those vulnerable to malnutrition in all its forms.

She is the Lead for Food Systems Governance at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

Andy Shovel, Managing Director, THIS

Andy Shovel is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of THIS™, the UK’s fastest growing food brand (Alantra, Food & Beverage Fast 50, 2022) which makes hyper realistic plant-based meat alternatives.

Andy oversees the creative side of things at THIS™ and channels his creativity into coming up with ridiculously clever innovation & driving brand awareness. He has always been passionate about entrepreneurship, setting up his first business in recruitment fresh out of university, before going on to founding, running, and then exiting a successful burger business Chosen Bun.

He believes plant-based eating plays an essential role in changing our food system for the better.

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