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Fertiliser tractor
29-11-212 min read

The global increase in cost of fertilisers will hit poorer countries the hardest says Yara International chief executive

hibiscus pop art illustration
22-11-215 min read

Whole Foods: Top 10 Food Trends for 2022

lentils and vegetables Sustainable
15-11-213 min read

Sustainable diets could become more affordable in low-income countries by 2050, reveals new Lancet study

Shopping basked with food products over receipts
11-11-213 min read

Food prices have risen to the highest rates since August last year new data reveals

Heinz ketchup bottle
11-11-212 min read

Heinz launches tomato ketchup made of tomatoes grown in Mars-like conditions with Aldrin Space Institute

dining table with food Sustainable
11-11-213 min read

Nearly half of European consumers have noticeably reduced their meat consumption, Smart Protein survey reveals

Serve Robotics in action
09-11-212 min read

Uber Eats partners with Postmate’s Serve Robotics to offer self-driving AI delivery services

Food waste in bin Sustainable
05-11-212 min read

Britons produce 15% less food waste, but households still throw out the most food, new review suggests

Vegan burger
05-11-213 min read

Plant-based meat brand Future Farm secures $58M, making it a new competitor in US alternative protein market

Croissant with Nutri-Score label
04-11-213 min read

It’s time to rethink the Nutri-Score food labelling system says French Agriculture and Food Minister

Food delivery bag
29-10-212 min read

Tesco partners with Gorillas to trial quick-delivery service

Empty basket
28-10-212 min read

Large percentage of Britons unable to access essential foods due to shortages, data reveals

Person scanning to pay for items in supermarket
21-10-212 min read

Tesco opens its first queue and checkout-free store in London

products in plastic packaging in supermarket
20-09-212 min read

Tesco launches zero-waste trial in 10 stores across England

types of different pasta shapes
13-09-212 min read

Price of pasta could go up by 50% following drought in Canada

19-07-212 min read

Plant-based food company Wicked Kitchen launches in the US

30-04-212 min read

Nestlé confirms the acquisition of food supplement business The Bountiful Company

27-04-211 min read

Unilever to acquire food supplement brand Onnit

food cooking in a pan
15-12-202 min read

Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2021: ‘cooking is the new commute’

08-12-202.5 min read

Five packaging trends for 2021

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