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Five packaging trends for 2021

2.5 min read
AUTHOR: Matt Ridout

It’s important that brands keep on top of packaging trends for the future. Your packaging is not just a way to differentiate your product from others on retail shelves, but a chance to communicate what your brand is about, tell the story of your products, and make a statement about the values and goals that your company has.

It’s a lot to take onboard, especially when you have limited space on pack. So how can you make sure your packaging is delivering on all fronts in 2021? Promo Marketing have offered five key packaging trends that will emerge in 2021 to get you started.

Tell a story with your packaging

With many storefronts being either limited in terms of traffic capacity or unable to open, many products are only accessible through e-commerce platforms or pick-up. This presents a new wave of challenges in terms of educating your customers, and building relationships with your brand.

Considering leveraging storytelling to your packaging, allowing them to learn about your products, and what makes your business unique. Add some custom packaging where possible, giving you new surfaces to tell your story, and form a connection.

Add personalisation and customisation to the mix

Adding an element of personalisation catered towards your customers clients will allow them to relate to you on a new level. In 2021, customisation will be more important than ever, as customers are looking for both relatability and empty amidst times of isolation, lockdowns and social distancing.

Eliminate costs by decreasing shelf space

The pandemic has created obstacles in our budgets and expendables for many of us. By decreasing the size of product packages, we can begin to eliminate the cost of producing products, and increase the amount we’re able to store.

Consider analysing your product workflow, and identify areas that can be improved upon and updated. Whether it’s switching to a package that saves space, is easily stackable, or is smaller overall, you can save your hard earned money, and lower transportation and shelf space costs!

Set yourself apart with eye-catching substrates

In the age of e-commerce and digital platforms, the saturation of products is at an all-time high. Many companies are looking to diversify their product offerings in order to reach new customers, stressing the importance of adding value and setting yourself apart from competitors! Overall, 72 percent of consumers in America say that the design of product packages heavily influences their decision to purchase. Consider using your packaging as a way to win over customers. We offer a variety of different substrates you can leverage, from glitter and holographic to foil! Add an edge to your visuals, turn the heads of unsuspecting customers!

Go green with sustainable packaging

Consumers love supporting companies that care about the environment. From innovating your packaging to source sustainable materials, to giving back to the community with Earth-friendly initiatives, your hard work will not go unnoticed.

Although this trend has been popular for some time, climate change concerns have made it increasingly important for many of us. Looking for a more sustainable packaging alternative?