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Precision fermentation trade association formed by foodtech start-ups

James Halliwell
2 min read
AUTHOR: James Halliwell

A group of precision fermentation foodtech companies have banded together to form the Precision Fermentation Alliance, a new trade association dedicated to furthering the cause of precision fermentation.

Co-founded by nine start-ups, the PFA’s mission statement is to ‘Champion precision fermentation as a trusted solution for a more resilient and sustainable food system’. 

It will focus on representing the interests of precision fermentation in regard to regulation and policy making, advocacy and engagement, and marketing and communications.

The nine start-ups are Change Foods, Perfect Day, Remilk, Imagindairy, New Culture, The Every Co, Onego Bio, Helaina and Motif FoodWorks.

“There is a direct line between food production, climate, socioeconomic opportunities, and equity. How we make our food is one of the foundational ways to change the world around us, and just the beginning of the vision for this group,” said Nicki Briggs, PFA chair. 

PFA vice chair Irina Gerry said the PFA “codifies what we’ve always believed, that a kinder, greener tomorrow is possible through collaboration. This ecosystem of mission-aligned leaders stands to exponentially accelerate what any one member could do alone.”

“Most of us have consumed foods that contain ingredients made using precision fermentation for decades, such as vitamins, enzymes and natural flavours, without much fanfare. As we look to extend the use of this technology to produce an ever-expanding list of food ingredients, such as proteins and fats, we will be able to produce a wide variety of our most beloved foods animal-free, and with a much lower environmental footprint. 

“Ushering in this new era in food requires clear communication, thoughtful policy, consistent regulation and stakeholder engagement, which this alliance is positioned to do.”

More information on the PFA can be found here

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