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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

The highly versatile mycoprotein heading to a plate near you

2023 looks set to be another challenging year, and rising to those challenges is going to require innovation and new thinking about how the global food industry feeds a growing population.

This episode Food Matters Live podcast is part of a short series shining a light on some of the start-ups who are shaping the future of the food industry.

They are the big thinkers, with big ideas about how to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

In this episode, we meet Jim Laird, CEO and co-founder of alternative protein company Enough.

Enough grows ABUNDA mycoprotein, a fermented food ingredient which is rich in protein and fibre.

ABUNDA is a highly versatile mycoprotein. It can be incorporated as a protein and fibre rich ingredient in established recipes or used to inspire new culinary creations.

Listen to this short episode to find out more about the work Enough is doing, the company’s ambitions for the future, and how investors and customers can get involved in their journey.


As a food-tech company whose purpose is “to make protein sustainable” ENOUGH passionately believes in the merits of fermentation as the most technologically and economically viable solution to sustainably feed a growing global population.

As a team of 55 representing 17 nationalities, we want to do something that is “bigger than us” and are building what we hope will become the World’s largest protein facility, located in the Netherlands and from where we will start to supply in early 2023, initially producing the equivalent of five cows worth of protein every hour.  

ENOUGH’s product Abunda® mycoprotein is a solution to make great tasting food that both provides an alternative and removes the need for the unacceptable impacts of intensive animal farming.

This addresses demand for non-animal protein that is forecast to grow by +15k tonnes every day for the next 5,000 days. 

ENOUGH’s current plans are not enough to meet a relevant share of this but with collaboration, we embrace the opportunity to go further and faster.

Find out more by visiting the Enough website, emailing or following Enough on LinkedIn

Jim Laird, CEO and co-founder, Enough

As CEO and co-founder of ENOUGH, Jim has worked in the food industry for 30 years. This included supply chain roles running frozen beef and chicken factories in the early 1990s and managing the Quorn brand internationally in the late noughties.

Jim co-founded ENOUGH (formerly 3F BIO) in 2015 and feels massively privileged to work with a team who span three locations and 17 nationalities, and who are motivated by a collective purpose “to do something where the impact is bigger than us”.  

As a motivated reducetarian Jim continues to acknowledge the need for further improvements in the way that we grow and produce protein to make great tasting foods and celebrates collaboration as a means to achieve this goal.

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