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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

Leading an insect protein revolution

2023 looks set to be another challenging year, and rising to those challenges is going to require innovation and new thinking about how the global food industry feeds a growing population.

This episode Food Matters Live podcast is part of a short series shining a light on some of the start-ups who are shaping the future of the food industry.

They are the big thinkers, with big ideas about how to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

In this episode, we meet Kestutis Lipnickas, CEO of the insect protein company, Divaks.

Divaks makes oils, powders, and proteins using from high-quality insect-derived ingredients.

Its products are created for the food industry, and customised to meet the highest needs of both clients and consumers.

Listen to this short episode to find out more about the work Divaks is doing, the company’s ambitions for the future, and how investors and customers can get involved in their journey.

About Divaks

Started in 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania, Divaks is developing fully automated vertically integrated insect protein business.

The company is committed to creating high-quality insect-derived ingredients for the food industry, that excel in nutritional and functional qualities. 

Divaks is growing rapidly and recently launched its own pilot facility, that will allow it to produce and develop high quality insect protein ingredients that can be customised to clients’ needs.

Find out more on the Divaks website or via email:

Kęstutis Lipnickas, CEO, Divaks

Kęstutis Lipnickas is a Business executive and Entrepreneur with over 25 years of international experience within the Agri-food Tech, IT, Construction, and Leadership coaching markets.

During his career, Kęstutis has developed the new business from idea to large-scale implementation, managed companies, and led multinational and distributed teams through different stages of economic cycles toward sustainable results.

Since 2015 Kęstutis dedicated his diverse competencies and experiences to the Agri-food sector. He was a co-founder of a vertically integrated healthy snack business, currently the biggest in the Baltic States and one of the biggest in Northern Europe.

The insect protein company, Divaks, Kęstutis together with partners that have complementary competencies, and share the same values and ambition, have been developing since 2019. In a short period, they have formed an experienced and creative team, successfully attracted investments, and started working with major stakeholders of the insect industry: scientists, leading technology providers, consultants, and partners to shape the future of the food industry.

Curiosity, constant learning, and a diverse contact network help Kęstutis follow the developments in fast developing Agri-food industry of sustainable insect proteins. Trust, knowledge, professionalism, sustainability, and excitement to work are the underlying values that help to get brilliant people on the journey.

Kęstutis encourages everyone, who has business ideas, to start. His starting a new business proves, that You can Achieve any level You seek by being self-motivated, having a clear focus, using at full potential of Your knowledge, leadership, and professional skills, networking and learning constantly.

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