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5 things we learned from the Table Talk podcasts in February

2 min read
Podcast_food_eating insects_chocolate_history_Food poverty Table Talk

1. There could be a better way to tackle food poverty that might not involve handouts

In the episode, Tackling food poverty in Japan without handouts of Table Talk, host Stefan Gates spoke to Charles E. McJilton, Founder of Second Harvest Japan about the revolutionary way the organisation tackles food poverty and about the importance of creating a balanced power dynamic.

2. The crucial priority of bringing new talent into the industry

Career Conversations guest Kate Halliwell from the Food and Drink Federation joined host Elisa Roche during National Apprenticeship week to discuss how integral apprenticeships can be for an industry hurtling towards a high technology future, and to create a sustainable supply chain.

3. That chocolate might not have had such a sweet beginning

In honour of one of the most popular times of year to give out chocolate, Valentine’s Day, Stefan Gates spoke to Emma Kay, Food Historian, about the truth behind the horrors and realities of the chocolate trade in the past and what still troubles the industry today.

4. It isn’t just as simple as farming insects as a new protein source for human consumption

In this episode, Stefan Gates goes deeper into the ethics surrounding the consumption of insects. Understood as an abundant protein source, is it as simple as just farming them? And how would they be farmed?

5. How you go can from making a product in your kitchen to being stocked in over 500 stores after just one phone call

Non-alcoholic drinks founder, Ellie Webb started out by making Colombian inspired alcohol-free spirit Caleño in her kitchen before receiving the phone call that Sainsbury’s wanted to stock the drink in their 500 stores. The drink is now stocked by Sainbury’s, Waitrose and M&S. Ellie tells Elisa Roche on Career Conversations about the highs and lows of creating a business, and the importance of backing women.