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Food Matters Careers

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Looking to join the food industry, but not sure where?

The Career Conversations series, as part of the Food Matters Live Podcast, shares the stories of people who have made their careers in food.

Whether you are a student trying to work out what area of food you want to work in, or you are interested in a career change, Career Conversations brings together a wide variety of people to help you follow in their footsteps.

The series is hosted by Elişa Roche who has worked with some of the biggest chefs and brands in the world prior to joining Food Matters Live.

Career Conversations

Each 20-minute episode explores jobs from chefs, sommeliers, restaurant entrepreneurs and nutritionists to food tech founders, bio-scientists and flavour developers. It assesses what people need to do to achieve their dreams and goals, how much they can earn going into the industry and how their career choices can have a positive impact on the world.

Meet Elişa Roche

Elişa is a chef, food stylist and journalist.

She has also been the editorial director of food and drinks content for more than 40 magazines and websites.

As well as being host of the brand new Careers Conversations series, Elişa is also in charge of Branded Content Projects here at Food Matters Live.

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Green jobs

Food Matters Live is committed to creating a sustainable future for food, as are the guests featured on the Green Jobs podcast series. Find stories from those who are at the forefront of the the future of food production to learn how you can be part of that future too.

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