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Meet your hosts

Meet your hosts of the popular Food Matters Live Podcast and the brand new Careers Conversations series.

Stefan Gates

Stefan Gates

Food Matters Live Podcast Host

Stefan has been hosting the Food Matters Live Podcast since its launch in 2019.

He is also a BBC presenter, author and founder of Gastronaut.

Stefan graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English and worked in TV and film production as well as the BBC’s New Comedy Department before realising that all he really cared about was exploring extraordinary food stories and talking to people about them

Elişa Roche

Careers Conversations Host

Elişa is a chef, food stylist and journalist.

She has also been the editorial director of food and drinks content for more than 40 magazines and websites.

As well as being host of the brand new Careers Conversations series, Elişa is also in charge of Branded Content Projects here at Food Matters Live.