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10 key trends in sustainable food

22-09-23 / 7 min read

Sperm and Egg 3D Illustration
16-03-2310 min read

Reproductive health: the beneficial role of nutrition in men and women’s fertility

women eating food illustration
31-03-2312 min read

Personalised nutrition: the rise of bespoke diets

Traditional Italian dessert tiramisu in a glass Sustainable
01-01-234 min read

5 plant-based food trends and innovations for 2023

A wind turbine under the stars at night. Sustainable
15-12-2210 min read

The commodities connection: how sustainability could be the answer to the energy and raw materials crisis

Eating healthy concept as green human lips biting into a group of fruit and vegetables
05-08-2210 min read

The evolution of taste: flavours of the past, present and future

World globe with plate and cutlery isolated on blue background Sustainable
07-11-225 min read

What is sustainable food production? Everything you need to know about food production and sustainability

watercolour image of pregnant woman eating while cross legged
04-08-2210 min read

Nutrition in pregnancy: foods to eat, foods to avoid and the truth about cravings

mycellium leather
07-01-227 min read

From food waste to fashion: fabrics made from discarded food are the next ready to wear

face composed of colours illustration
10-08-2212 min read

The evolution of aroma: food and drink scents of the past, present and future

Italian restaurant on the canal in Venice
30-12-217 min read

Peasant to posh: how ‘poor’ food has become a delicacy for the wealthy

a yellow and blue opening capsule with fruits pouring out on blue background
08-08-228 min read

What are micronutrients, and what do they have to do with healthy ageing?

Stockholm street Sustainable
25-05-2310 min read

10 innovative European food waste solutions

illustration of person eating hamburger and looking at smartphone
24-06-227 min read

From banana bread to baked feta: the psychology behind viral food

A pile of books with open book on top Sustainable
16-12-215 min read

10 must-read books about food, ingredients and nutrition

Fish and chips sign
19-05-2210 min read

Traditional British cuisine: a food map of the UK

Tianzifang in Shanghai, China Sustainable
09-02-228 min read

China’s alternative protein sector: rapid expansion and innovation

young people eating al fresco Sustainable
01-11-216 min read

Slow Food: changing the way we eat and preserving traditions one mouthful at a time

stethescope with red apple on green wall
01-07-2215 min read

Improving British hospital food: why nutrition needs to be part of the cure

illustration of two champagne glasses clinking
28-01-2214 min read

Sober fun: the history and rise of low and no alcohol drinks and social clubs

Mother Serving Dinner to Her Family
10-02-225 min read

Cooking with nostalgia: the comeback of traditional British foods of yesteryear

Tel Aviv at dusk
20-04-228 min read

The ‘start-up nation’: the ecosystem of Israel’s foodtech sector

Gut brain connection illustration
13-05-229 min read

Gut health explained: what it is and how to improve it

sign with ice cream cone
08-07-227 min read

Where are they now? Products that have disappeared from the supermarket shelves

snowy and icy landscape with mountains, featuring the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the centre Sustainable
10-08-228 min read

Seed banks: preserving biodiversity for the future of humanity

Pound symbol jumping from a pan into the fire
20-07-227 min read

Back to the 80s: with food inflation nearing its highest level in 40 years, is the worst yet to come?

Liz Truss in front of Number 10
21-09-227 min read

How can Prime Minister Liz Truss help the food industry?

cattle intensive farming Sustainable
28-07-229 min read

Intensive farming can reach net zero but the solution lies in reducing animal protein consumption

pie with berry fruits covered with sugar powder
25-08-2210 min read

The truth about sweeteners: the pros and cons of sugar substitutes

Illustration of a woman taming a lion
06-10-229 min read

Soaring prices and staff and supply chain shortages: how the food and drink sector can mitigate risks

Hand holds a shopping basket
26-10-226 min read

What will the supermarket of the future look like?

illustration of a lab Sustainable
10-05-239 min read

Everything you need to know about precision fermentation

Colorful gingerbread fantasy village
20-10-2210 min read

Banned ingredients: the food additives no longer allowed in the UK and why

black woman wearing headscarf crouching by market stall with cassava, oranges Sustainable
14-10-2214 min read

An insecure future: how can Africa strengthen its fragile food system?

Movie Projector Sustainable
15-11-223 min read

5 must watch documentaries about the food system and its sustainability

Red wine glass with an open book on table in front of burning fireplace. Sustainable
21-11-226 min read

10 must-read food books about sustainability, culture, and history

Beginning of the French Revolution, wood engraving, published in 1900
16-09-229 min read

Food scarcity and civil unrest: what we can learn from the past

illustration of two champagne glasses clinking
28-01-2214 min read

Sober fun: the history and rise of low and no alcohol drinks and social clubs

10-02-238 min read

Will fibre ever be fashionable?

How is urban agriculture taking root in European city streets Sustainable
17-02-238 min read

How is urban farming taking root in European city streets?

Paper bag full of grocery on mobile phone illustration
17-01-237 min read

TikTok trolley dash: how food companies are cashing in on the social media app

Palm oil fruit Sustainable
27-01-2311 min read

Palm oil in the food industry: applications, nutritional value and sustainability

different varieties of mushrooms
30-12-224 min read

5 functional food and ingredient trends and innovations for 2023

Hand drawn sights of Europe on blackboard
10-03-2311 min read

How EU member countries are tackling food sustainability and security with legislations and initiatives

Fish and chips sign
19-05-2210 min read

Traditional British cuisine: a food map of the UK

woman's abdomen with fruits and vegetables
21-04-239 min read

Functional nutrition: the role of food in disease prevention and management

Illustration of female wearing swimming suit jumping in water
04-05-2310 min read

Sports and active nutrition: the trends and products fuelling peak performance

concept of a head full of nutritious foods
23-03-239 min read

How nutrition can support mental health: what to eat, what to avoid, and the truth about good mood food

group of friends dining al fresco Sustainable
18-05-2311 min read

Sustainable diets: eating in harmony with the planet

Senior couple swimming in the sea
01-06-2310 min read

Nutrition in older age: keeping healthy and avoiding malnutrition

Jonathon Porritt Sustainable
11-05-239 min read

“It’s sickening, it’s unbelievable” – Jonathon Porritt fires shots

Union Jack made of data Sustainable
25-04-238 min read

Mapping the food system: the race to revolutionise the sector using data

Biological Healthcare Engineering Concept
08-06-2313 min read

Nutraceuticals: understanding the function and benefits of nutritional supplements

the earth on a plate and fork taking a forkful out Sustainable
29-06-239 min read

Top 10 food sustainability trends for 2023

man going to eat a cow illustration Sustainable
13-04-2310 min read

Time’s up: reaching ‘peak meat’ and shifting to plant-based is no longer an option, but a need

group of teenagers
03-08-238 min read

Teenage nutrition: the importance of a healthy diet in adolescence

woman walking through a maze
20-07-2312 min read

How nutrition can support women through the perimenopause and menopause

Children watching cooking tutorials from digital tablet and making food
09-06-2316 min read

Feeding future generations: school meals from around the world

food packaging design
02-06-215 min read

The history of food packaging: how packaging design has changed through the years

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The Cloister Kitchen by Eduard Theodor Ritter von Grützner, illustration
10-06-227 min read

Divine delicacies: delectable foods and drinks born out of convents and monasteries

Colourful cake
28-01-226 min read

Eating with your eyes: how colour impacts our psychology and relationship with food

1970s vibrant kitchen orange
08-07-226 min read

Exploring the world’s food and drink museums

Restaurant in Rome with vespa parked outside
03-05-223 min read

5 best books about food and travel around Europe

Smithfield Meat Market 1900
04-08-2114 min read

The evolution of ingredients, nutrition and consumer demand

Cutlery and recepticles on dining table in Chinese restaurant
18-02-226 min read

How receptacles and cutlery affect our eating and drinking experience

Dutch School painting
03-03-229 min read

A feast for the eyes: food in art, from table to wall

Flags of Russia and Ukraine on brick wall Sustainable
25-03-226 min read

Russia-Ukraine conflict: spiking prices and the threat to global food security

Vegetables on a plate in a knot Sustainable
23-06-2111 min read

Plant-based ingredients of the past, the present and the future

vegan dishes
18-03-2211 min read

Is a plant-based diet healthy?

Woman with shopping cart, credit card and smartphone screen on background. Shopping Trolley. Grocery push cart. Online shopping and advertising concept. 3d render
26-11-215 min read

A checkout-free future? How Trigo’s AI technology is changing the way we shop

Easter chocolate egg in bird nest
06-04-226 min read

Why we eat chocolate eggs at Easter: the history and tradition behind the sweet treat

Pop art surprised woman face
15-07-226 min read

Rude food: when brand names have a different meaning in other countries

Pouring Sugar onto Strawberry on Spoon
12-08-2212 min read

The science of sugar: how the sweet stuff can impact physical and mental health

wildtype lab-grown sushi Sustainable
10-08-216 min read

Interview: cultivated salmon producer Wildtype CEO Justin Kolbeck on opening the world’s first cell-based fish plant

orange peel against black background Sustainable
01-10-216 min read

Inspired by nature: TIPA’s compostable packaging could put an end to the use of plastic in the food sector

close up of mushrooms
08-06-216 min read

Plant-based ingredients: market growth, investments and new product development

pizza with beer
11-03-227 min read

How restaurant brands have successfully taken over supermarket shelves

flags of russia and ukraine with silhouette of soldiers
10-03-226 min read

How the Russia-Ukraine war will impact global food security

Breakfast on a Parisian balcony
12-01-239 min read

Is the baguette under threat? How UNESCO could save the French bread


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