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The ultimate guide to non alcoholic prosecco

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AUTHOR: Molly Long
Two glasses of prosecco near the leaning tower of Pisa

You could be forgiven for thinking the only drinks that fit the description of non-alcoholic and bubbly are tipples like cola and lemonade.

Non-alcoholic drinks have not always had the best reputation, so the chances of being able to find an alcohol-free, crowd-pleasing fizz have historically been slim.

However in 2022, not only does alcohol free prosecco exist, but it’s easier and cheaper to access than ever before. In fact, some of the best non alcoholic prosecco in the UK comes from supermarkets. Whatever your reason for not opting for alcohol, you can rest assured there are brands out there to cater for you – so if you’re stuck wondering where to buy non alcoholic prosecco, this article is for you.

What is non-alcoholic prosecco?

What is it? Put as simply as possible, non-alcoholic prosecco is a version of the classic Italian drink which has had the alcohol removed. Where a typical prosecco has an ABV of around 12%, a non-alcoholic prosecco substitute has zero alcohol present, making it the perfect celebratory choice for those who don’t drink.

Like with regular prosecco, there are plenty of options available for consumers. Alcohol free rosé prosecco and other flavours are all common on the UK non-alcoholic market now.

How is non-alcoholic prosecco made?

For the uninitiated, it might be surprising to find out that almost all non-alcoholic wines – including prosecco and other sparkling wine – begin life as alcoholic wines. It is a common misconception that non-alcoholic wine is just grape juice.

To get alcohol-free wines, usually the traditional winemaking process is carried out, complete with grape harvesting, crushing, fermenting, and aging. But a further step is taken to remove the booze.

This means that non-alcoholic prosecco is still made from the famous glera grape, which is the main ingredient in regular prosecco – among others, like the chardonnay grape. There are many different ways in which winemakers remove the alcohol from wine. Some of the most popular ways to make prosecco non-alcoholic include distilling (removing via heat and steam) and filtration.

What are the best non-alcoholic prosecco brands?

Now you know the answer to the question ‘How is it made?’, what is the best non-alcoholic prosecco available? Luckily for today’s non-drinkers, there are many quality non-alcoholic prosecco alternatives available in supermarkets, as well as more specialist shops. We’ve rounded up some of the best non-alcoholic prosecco brands in the UK for you to try.

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Are there any other non-alcoholic bubbly drinks that are alternatives to prosecco?

If prosecco never was your thing in the first place, or you simply want to broaden your tastebuds’ horizons even further, there are a range of other ‘soft’ drinks which have all the gravitas of prosecco, but without the name nor the alcohol.

A great – and gut-friendly – alternative is kombucha. This fermented, lightly bubbly sweetened green tea comes in a variety of flavours, ensuring there’s at least one to suit your special occasions.

There are other non alcoholic prosecco substitutes fit for a celebration. Another similar alternative to try is sparkling kefir water. Like more traditional dairy kefir, it has millions of live cultures, making it another good choice for your gut, and comes in a host of different flavours to sample.

Here are some of the best alcohol free prosecco alternatives to search for.

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