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global food concept with fork and the world Sustainable
22-09-23 / 7 min read

10 key trends in sustainable food

Man dressed in white sitting down Sustainable
18-09-23 / 4 min read

Sustainable Food Forum: in conversation with Alberto Musacchio, Food Evolution CEO

man wearing glasses and a blue shirt smiling Sustainable
18-09-23 / 13 min read

Bruce Friedrich interview: “Building a better and more sustainable food system is one of the most important challenges of our age.”

A close-up image of fermenting grapes Sustainable
14-09-23 / 4 min read

The rich past and promising future of fermentation

A split photo featuring guests from the Food Matters Live Green Pioneer interview series, including Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute
08-09-23 / 4 min read

Meet the green pioneers leading a sustainable revolution

23-08-23 / 3 min read

In conversation with Dr Emily Leeming

young volunteers collecting rubbish
14-08-23 / 5 min read

The importance of soft skills in the workplace and how to develop them

group of teenagers
03-08-23 / 8 min read

Teenage nutrition: the importance of a healthy diet in adolescence

Women in AI concept vector illustration. Woman controls robotic arm with digital tablet.
27-07-23 / 15 min read

The robot takeover? How AI could change careers in the food and drink sector

woman walking through a maze
20-07-23 / 12 min read

How nutrition can support women through the perimenopause and menopause

Grilled vegan seitan steaks with mixed vegetables and crusty baguette
14-07-23 / 10 min read

Is the demise of the plant-based meat sector as hyped as its launch?

sandwich made with a vegan steak Sustainable
13-07-23 / 7 min read

6 plant-based trends and innovations we’ve seen so far in 2023

hamburgers, cheeseburgers ultra processed foods on yellow background
06-07-23 / 12 min read

Are all ultra-processed foods the same and are they really bad for you?

the earth on a plate and fork taking a forkful out Sustainable
29-06-23 / 10 min read

Top 10 food sustainability trends for 2023

peas in pod retro ilustration on baby pink background Sustainable
22-06-23 / 8 min read

From lupin to brassica: 6 novel crop innovations shaping the future of plant-based proteins

Glowing mushrooms on bark with fireflies in forest
22-06-23 / 12 min read

The magic of mushrooms: the versatility and sustainability of fungi

Two young female factory workers in factory plant looking at piece of pasta
16-06-23 / 7 min read

Food development courses: everything you need to know

Portrait of beautiful smiling nutritionist looking at camera and showing healthy vegetables in the consultation
16-06-23 / 6 min read

Food nutrition courses you can expect in the UK

Shot of young woman talking with dietician about her health in the consultation
14-06-23 / 5 min read

Comprehensive guide to UK careers in nutrition

Female laboratory technician verifies the quality of vegetables
14-06-23 / 6 min read

What to expect when applying for food science jobs in the UK

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