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Lausanne cityscape with mountains in background
10-02-22 / 3 min read

Nestlé to open Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Lausanne to research ways to reduce their environmental impact

Oysters and white wine in a restaurant with a sea view
20-01-22 / 2 min read

Start-up Pearlita opens research lab to develop the first ever cultivated oysters

plate of edible insects Sustainable
11-01-22 / 2 min read

A third of Britons open to trying lab-grown meat, and a quarter insects, reveals FSA survey

Illustration of Daily newspaper in hands and coffee
20-12-21 / 5 min read

2021 in news: review of the year’s biggest headlines

scrambled eggs
16-12-21 / 2 min read

Start-up Perfeggt to launch plant-based egg substitute after securing $2.8M in funding round

Light rays filter through a Giant Kelp forest Sustainable
10-12-21 / 2 min read

University of Lisbon scientists to use algae to create cell-based seabass fillets

Purple cabbage on yello background
01-12-21 / 2 min read

Naylor Farms set to open new factory to turn cabbage into protein for the plant-based meat market

Plant-based fish food products
29-11-21 / 2 min read

Plant-based fish alternative brand Good Catch launches new products in the UK

dining table with food Sustainable
11-11-21 / 3 min read

Nearly half of European consumers have noticeably reduced their meat consumption, Smart Protein survey reveals

Plant-based meat packaged
08-11-21 / 3 min read

Impossible Foods continues its global expansion, with valuation now set to reach $7B

Vegan burger
05-11-21 / 3 min read

Plant-based meat brand Future Farm secures $58M, making it a new competitor in US alternative protein market

scientists in a lab with cell-based meat Sustainable
25-10-21 / 3 min read

Joes Future Food, China’s first cultivated meat company, secures $10.9M to produce cultured pork

Next Meats Japanese barbecue plant-based meat
05-10-21 / 2 min read

Japanese plant-based company Next Meats to launch alternative pork, tuna and milk

seabass grown using fermentation technology
27-09-21 / 3 min read

Foodtech start-up Aqua Cultured Foods to develop first whole-muscle cut seafood alternative

Leonardo DiCaprio smiling at the camera Sustainable
22-09-21 / 3 min read

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in cell-based meat company Mosa Meat

lab-grown Wagyu beef steak cooking
25-08-21 / 2 min read

Scientists create world’s first 3D-printed, lab-grown Wagyu beef steak

17-08-21 / 2 min read

South African start-up Mzansi Meat Co. joins the cultivated meat race with its biotechnology solution

cultured meat in a lab
14-07-21 / 1.5 min read

Nestlé shows interest in cultured meat market as it collaborates with start-up Future Meat Technologies

07-04-21 / 2 min read

Planteneers to expand plant-based fish alternative products

10-08-20 / 1.5 min read

Subsidise healthy food to help fight obesity says think-tank

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