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Planteneers to expand plant-based fish alternative products

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AUTHOR: Stef Bottinelli

German food company Planteneers has developed a range of plant-based fish alternatives which can be used by manufacturers to make vegan versions of breaded fish, fish sticks and fish fillets. The company is expanding its offerings with a selection of tuna pieces, known as fiildTex, and fiildFish – sushi-style raw fish and smoked fish, such as smoked salmon. A plant-based salmon fillet alternative is also in the pipeline.

These products are made with a range of proteins that mimic the flavour and texture of fish, which Planteneers says are microbiologically much safer than traditional fish products. These plant-based alternatives can also be sliced, just like fish, and are freeze-thaw stable.

With plant-based and flexitarian diets on the rise, the demand for plant-based fish is increasing. In the last few years more and more plant-based products have been launched – mainly alternatives to meat and dairy – however vegan fish and seafood have been scarce on the supermarket shelves due to the challenge of replicating the correct taste, texture and balance of fish and seafood.

Planteneers plant-based tuna chunks can be enjoyed in a classic sandwich

Planteneers plant-based tuna chunks can be enjoyed in a classic sandwich

“The right choice of texturate is indispensable in order to get as close as possible to the animal product”, says Florian Bark, Planteneers’ Product Manager. “Plant protein concentrates are also important in order to match the protein content of the final product to that of the original. In addition, we have a large portfolio of algae-based hydrocolloids that are perfect for making alternatives to fish and seafood.”


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