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Bayer launches new research facility in Germany focussed on sustainable food security and future of EU agriculture

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
Researcher with grape vine in laboratory

Image courtesy of Bayer

Pharmaceutical and biotech company Bayer has announced it will open a new facility in Germany, dedicated to developing sustainable food security solutions for European farmers, consumers, and the planet.

The LifeHub will be a partnership-focussed facility situated at Bayer’s global Crop Science Division headquarters in Monheim, in the western part of the country.

According to Bayer, the aim of the space will be to bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, and scientists from across Europe to share knowledge, experience and resources that could help to address the challenge of achieving sustainable food security for the world’s growing population.

The new facility joins a collection of other LifeHubs around the world which each have their own area of expertise, from Reading, UK and Lyon, France, to Boston, USA, Barcelona, Spain, and another German site in Berlin.  

Bob Reiter, Head of Research and Development at Bayer Crop Science Division said: “The challenges that agriculture faces in feeding a growing population in spite of accelerating climate change and extreme weather events, are bigger than anyone can solve alone.

“Making sure that we are a supportive part of the innovation ecosystem is a critical way to ensure that novel solutions for these issues get the support they need.

“Our global network of LifeHubs is an important way to connect with leading innovators locally and to support where Bayer can help make the most impact.”

Construction for the new permanent home for the facility is expected to be completed in different stages throughout 2023 and 2024, but a range of collaborative events have already started in the country at an interim facility in North Rhine-Westphalia.

A gene-editing symposium was recently held on the Monheim campus as part of the facility’s launch. Acting as an example of the type of research to come at the LifeHub, experts met to discuss the impact of the latest trends and discoveries in the field.

Axel Trautwein, Head of Regulatory Science at Bayer’s Crop Science Division said: “Building a community of innovators starts by bringing people together, and that’s what LifeHub Monheim is all about.

“From decision makers and financial resources to scientists, the Bayer LifeHubs around the world make connections and pair resources and expertise with those that need them.

“We’re excited to be showing so clearly our commitment to the growing innovation ecosystem of Germany and can’t wait to see what we discover together.”

This isn’t the first time that Bayer has worked collaboratively to achieve sustainable developments in agriculture. Last November, the company partnered with Microsoft to introduce new forms of digital innovation to enhance the industry.


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