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Bayer and Microsoft collaborate to bring digital innovation to the agricultural industry

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
farming technology

Cloud computing service Microsoft Azure has partnered with pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer to use new forms of digital innovation to enhance the agricultural industry.

Together, the two companies will use a cloud-based set of online tools and data science solutions to advance innovation and encourage integrating more sustainability within the food and feed value chains.

The new partnership between Bayer and Microsoft will continue to develop technology solutions to tackle climate change, specifically focusing on how to improve farming operations, manufacturing and supply chains and sourcing products sustainably. 

Corporate Vice President from Azure Global Industry at Microsoft, Ravi Krishnaswamy said: “Like every industry, farming and the food sector are undergoing rapid digital transformation, from autonomous tractors, to AI-based digital advisories, and scalable precision agriculture,

“We’re excited to partner with Bayer to accelerate this transformation and unlock even greater agricultural innovation by bringing together data-driven insights with Bayer’s agronomic expertise and the power of Microsoft Azure.”

The multinationals plan to make their new digital solutions available to a range of businesses, both small and large-scale.

One of the digital platforms currently in use in the agricultural industry includes Climate FieldView which is run by Bayer. It is currently used for over 180 million farming acres in more than 20 countries to maximise productivity levels. The platform brings together all farming data into one digital space, such as trial results and crop reports, which Bayer says allows the agricultural industry to save both money and effort during their daily business.

Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and President of Bayer Crop Science, Liam Condon also noted: “As we cope with an ongoing global pandemic, fragile supply chains and the continuing climate catastrophe, status quo will not suffice.

“We need collaboration, shared vision and action. For those reasons, Bayer and Microsoft are taking action to make a positive impact, both through our own collaboration as well as by offering off-the-shelf infrastructure and digital capabilities for other companies to address the enormous challenges facing our society.”


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