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10 caterers in the Netherlands commit to going 60% plant-based by 2030

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AUTHOR: Fiona Holland
Business colleagues discussing while sitting around table with food at office cafeteria

A group of 10 corporate caterers in the Netherlands have pledged to make at least 60% of the proteins they sell plant-based by 2030.

The caterers Appèl, Cater Concept, Hospitalents, Hutten, Markies Catering, Van Leeuwen Catering, Zo-vital, SAB, Vitam and Rootz Kitchen have teamed up with Dutch animal welfare organisation Wakker Dier to take part in its “more plant, less animal” campaign, and boost the quantity of plant-based proteins sold in their catering spaces.

From 2023 onwards the businesses will monitor their protein sales and the ratio of animal to plant-based proteins being sold. They will also be required to publicly report their progress on an annual basis.  

As part of their commitment, at least half of the protein sources the caterers sell by 2025 will need to be plant-based, and more than 60% will need to be plant-based by 2030. The total quantity of protein sold should not have increased in both those periods.

Anne Hilhorst, Director of Wakker Dier, said in a statement: “These caterers are taking a huge step for the animals, the climate and our health”.

According to the organisation, the Dutch currently consume about 40% of their proteins from plant-based sources like legumes and grains. While the government has said it wants consumers to eat 50% plant-based by 2030, Hilhorst believes this is: “Too little, too late. These companies show that things can be more ambitious.”

Speaking on the caterers’ pledge, Hilhorst continued: “They have everything they need to inspire their guests and let them experience how delicious plant-based food can be. Then a day without meat at home also becomes easier.”

Wakker Dier hopes that other major contract caterers such as Albron, Eurest and Sodexo will join the campaign in the future.

The catering industry isn’t the only sector in the Netherlands which is looking to embrace more vegan protein sources. Last year, the country’s largest supermarket chain Albert Heijn announced it would be going majority plant-based by 2030.


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