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Podcast / Food Futures
Podcast / Food Futures

Applied AI: a look at the possibilities AI offers the food industry

Today’s podcast takes a look at AI and machine learning and the significant potential they offer for automating processes, reducing costs and human error in the food industry. Joining hose Stefan Gates for this fascinating look inside the world of AI is Daniel Hulme, Founder & CEO of Satalia who gives us insight into the application of AI in the food industry and the opportunities that it offers.

About Daniel Hulme

Daniel Hulme is the CEO of Satalia, a London-based company that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to solve industry’s hardest problems. He is also the Director of UCL’s Business Analytics MSc, applying AI to solve business, governmental and social problems.

Hulme specialises in philosophy, technology, innovation and organisational design. He is passionate about how technology can be used to govern organisations and bring positive social impact. Hulme’s work outlines a framework for understanding data-driven decision making. He understands the capabilities of AI but also the future challenges and opportunities for AI, and how and why we need to embrace these emerging technologies.

Daniel Hulme’s expertise also spans both the philosophical and ethical issues surrounding these emerging technologies. He has a Masters and Doctorate in AI from UCL, lectures on topics in Computer Science and Business, and is passionate about how technology can be used to govern organisations and bring positive social impact.

Dr Daniel Hulme has advisory and executive positions across companies and governments. He holds an international Kauffman Global Entrepreneur Scholarship and actively promotes purposeful. He is a popular public speaker specialising in the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Decentralisation, Philosophy, Technology, Innovation and Organisational Design. He is a serial speaker for Google and TEDx, and is a faculty member of Singularity University (

About Satalia

Satalia is an AI-driven organization developing its own products that optimize industries such as transport, retail and hospitality. Satalia’s tools and solutions are being used by names such as Tesco, BBC, PwC, DFS, to name a few. Satalia has implemented a unique organizational structure and culture that fosters autonomous decision making, self-sustainability, curiosity and exploration. Satalia has acquired Data Dog, UAB (currently Satalia Lithuania) in 2019, though the two companies have formed a deep partnership since 2014.

Essentially – Satalia came up with the algorithm for Tesco’s delivery logistics to work out the quickest and most efficient delivery journey.

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